Zenko: A Fox's tale

Project Details

November 2020 - August 2021
  • Created a quadruped Fox model (Zenko, Protagonist) from concept to textured 3D asset which included hand sculpting all of the fur
  • Created the antagonist model (Spirit) from concept to completion including textures, vfx in Cascade, and proceedural skeletal animations in UE4
    through Animdynamics
  • Designed & handpainted the logo and UI elements to fit the tone and theme of the game
  • In order to achieve a unified art style I researched sculpting techniques and conducted a training program for the artists on my team
  • Developed and maintained the Art Style Guide
  • Collaborated daily with other leads to establish sprint goals, which were achieved 97% of the time

Team Info

• Team Size: 17
• Position: Art Lead
• Platform: UE4
• Genre: 3D Platformer

SOftware Used:

Zenko - Main Character

Zenko Logo

Most Recent Update Video

Stone Laterns

I created the lantern on the far right, while instructing the other 3D artists on my team in making the other two. The focus while making these was to ensure that our sculpting styles matched so that future assets matched. I made sure that each artist was using the same brushes, the same settings, and similar stroke patterns. In the end, this instructional meeting ended up being essential in ensuring that the team was on the same page with the creation of our assets. The same texture was used on all three with small differences between them to ensure cohesion!